Laughter is GOOD for you! (revisited)

Research shows that LAUGHTER is GOOD for you!  I’m not exactly sure who is conducting all of this research, or who’s paying for it, but the bottom line is that LAUGHTER is actually being studied by researchers!  These are people with medical, science or advanced degrees, studying the benefits of LAUGHTER.

Interviewer:   It says here on your resume that you graduated from MIT magna cum laude.  What exactly was your research focused on?  

Interviewee:  Laughter. 

Interviewer:  Sounds good to me. Can you start on Monday?

I think that’s pretty impressive, and you should too.  I did a quick search and found out the following health benefits from LAUGHTER:

  • relaxes the whole body
  • improves mood
  • eases anxiety
  • boosts the immune system
  • triggers the release of endorphins
  • burns calories
  • attracts us to others (doesn’t EVERY dating site post list “sense of humor”?)
  • enhances teamwork
  • defuses conflict
  • lightens anger’s heavy load
  • protects the heart
  • may help you live longer

Did you catch that last one?  MAY HELP YOU LIVE LONGER!  WTF! That’s crazy!  I’m thinking about changing our marketing slogan to Long Island Comedy… where Long Islanders Live Longer ( or something like that).  Here’s the bottom line:  make it a priority to LAUGH more, and you’ll experience all of these benefits and more. And if you REALLY want to laugh more, (here comes the shameless plug) make it out to one of our hilarious LIVE stand-up comedy shows soon, and we’ll prove it to you.  Cheers!




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Thank You Long Island! Comedy Festival Celebrates 10 years!


Thank you Long Island for coming out and supporting live stand-up comedy for the past 9 summers.  Over those 9 years we’ve brought our Comedy Festival showcases to some of Long Island’s top venues, featuring some of the best LIVE stand-up comedy you’ll see anywhere.  This summer marks our 10th anniversary, and plans are under way for another great summer of top comedians from around the country and beyond, top area venues and other surprises as well.  We hope you’ll join us and celebrate 10 years of LIVE stand-up comedy right here on Long Island.

Here’s a list of the many venues we’ve had the privilege to perform at over the past 9 years:

Theatre Three, Port Jefferson

The Paramount, Huntington

The Gateway Playhouse, Bellport

Westhampton Beach PAC, WHB

The Suffolk Theater, Riverhead

Landmark on Main Street, Port Washington

The Madison Theater, Rockville Centre

The Comedy Club @ Theatre Three, Port Jefferson

Gold Coast Arts Center, Great Neck

Martha Clara Vineyards, Mattituck

Bellmore Theater, Bellmore

The Allegria Hotel, Long Beach

Hotel Indigo, Riverhead

Montauk Downs, Montauk

The Boulton Center, Bay Shore

Governor’s Comedy Club, Levittown

The Brokerage Comedy Club, Bellmore

Vail-Levitt Music Hall, Riverhead



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The Comedy Club @ Theatre Three… Long Island’s newest comedy hot spot

The Comedy Club @ Theatre Three is fast becoming one of Long Island’s favorite comedy venues for comedy fans and comedians alike.  This 90 seat cabaret style room is located on the lower level of the historic Theatre Three right in the heart of downtown Port Jefferson.  The club features an old-fashioned bar offering Long Island wines and a selection of craft beers, many of which are from the craft breweries here on Long Island.  The unique setting of the club with it’s oversized stage, candle-lit (artificial candles of course ) cocktail tables, low ceiling and the recently added “Wall of Fame” featuring headshots of many of the comedians that have performed here allows for an intimate performance with audience members often becoming part of the live show.

The Comedy Club @ Theatre Three offers LIVE stand-up comedy performances throughout the year on a very limited basis due to the production schedule of the theater’s main stage performances.  Top comedians from around the country have all been featured at this incredible little venue and compare it to some of the best historic comedy club venues in NYC.  Everything about the venue allows for a great live comedy experience.  Surprise guest comedians often stop in during scheduled performances to join the show and do a short set to the delight of patrons.

All of the Comedy Club @ Theatre Three performances are produced by Long Island Comedy and feature many of the same great comedians that appear in the annual summer tour of the Long Island Comedy Festival.  Check out the Theatre Three website for an upcoming performance and plan on making a night out to this very special and historic venue.

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Some history on the Long Island Comedy Scene

So, you think you know about the history of stand-up comedy here on Long Island?  With Long Island being right in the shadow of the largest comedy scene in the country, ( NYC, duh ) we’ve had our fair share of comedy venues across the Island.  In fact, Long Island has been home to over ten comedy clubs since stand-up comedy venues became popular back in the ’70s and ’80s.  Most are now gone.  Let’s take a look at some of them and see if you remember any of these:

Richard M. Dixon’s White House Inn, North Massapequa  Here’s where Long Island comedians like Jackie “The Joke Man” Martling, Rob Bartlett of the Imus radio program, Richie Minervini and Bob Nelson all got their start.

Jimmy’s Comedy Alley, Bayside  Just a few miles from the Nassau County border, this former bowling alley became a comedy venue back in the mid-’80s and became a popular venue for NYC comedians due to it’s proximity to New York as well.  Here’s where Long Island comedian Keith Anthony got his start.

East Side Comedy, Huntington This legendary comedy venue was actually owned by comedian Richie Minervini and was the launching pad for careers like Paul Reiser, Jerry Seinfeld and Eddie Murphy.

Garvin’s of Huntington   Apparently Huntington had more than one comedy venue during stand-up’s heyday.

Konkoma Komedy, Lake Ronkonkoma  It’s true.  Ronkonkoma had it’s own full time comedy club.

Governor’s, Levittown  Long Island’s premier comedy club featuring top comedians.

Between the Ribs, Long Beach  Long Beach had it’s own comedy venue.

Chuckles, Mineola  According to legend here is where comedian Adam Sandler first performed.

Boomers, Port Jefferson Port Jefferson, always a strong supporter of live stand-up comedy once had its own comedy club.

East End Comedy, Southampton  This year-round comedy club venue was located at The Southampton Inn.  It’s true.  I went there once.

The Brokerage, Bellmore  The south shore’s only comedy club operating full-time.

McGuire’s Comedy Club, Bohemia Suffolk county’s only comedy club operating full-time.

Did I miss any others?  Just send me a note and let me know!

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Some of the comedians being featured this summer

This summer we’ll be featuring about 50 comedians from Long Island, the NYC comedy scene and beyond.  That’s a lot of laughs!  Our opening weekend at Theatre Three was a complete sell-out both nights!  Thank you for your support Long Island.  We’ve got 11 big shows scheduled all summer long, and the laughs keep coming.  Some of the comics we’re proud to present this year include:  Richie Byrne, Mike Fine, Sandy Marks, Chris Roach, Rob Falcone, Joey Giarratano, Chris Davis, Jim Mendrinos, Leighann Lord, Stevie G.B., Frankie Pace, Steve Lazarus, Randy Levin, Keith Anthony, Mick Thomas, Chris Distefano, Stan Keshner, Robin Fox, Paul Bond, Rich Walker, Terry McNeely, Michael Somerville, Maria Walsh, Carie Karavas, Vanessa Hollingshead, Jack Simmons, Chris Monty… wow!  Every one of our comedy showcases features a different line-up of top comedians.  The feedback we receive from our fans has been tremendous.  We always enjoy when new fans come out to our shows and tell us they were “pleasantly surprised!”  That’s really an insult, isn’t it?  People often ask us how we decide which comedians will be featured.  Truth be told, the criteria is pretty simple.  If they’re funny we feature them.  That’s it.  We’ll continue to update you on some of the other great comedians and venues we’ll be working with this summer in our next posting!

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Behind the Scenes at the Comedy Festival

Things are well under way for this summer’s 6th Annual Long Island Comedy Festival.   The LARGEST Comedy Festival ever presented on Long Island!  Um, actually, the ONLY Comedy Festival ever presented on Long Island.  As in years past this summer’s comedy festival will feature not only a great number of comedians, but also a great variety.  Working with top comic talent, every one of our comedy showcases will feature a different line-up of comedians from Long Island, NYC and around the country.  This summer we’ll also be featuring some international comics as well!  Cheers!

Each of our summer Comedy Festivals has featured anywhere from 40 to 50 comedians throughout the festival.  That’s a lot of laughs we like to say!  This summer, while we plan on bringing back several of the most requested comics that have performed over the past few years, we will also  continue to showcase many new comedians, exposing them to the great audiences that attend our shows all across Long Island.  So get ready Long Island for what we believe will be our best edition of the Long Island Comedy Festival yet.  Opening night is set for Friday, July 1st at the beautiful, historic Theatre Three in Port Jefferson.

                                                                                                                                    ~ Paul Anthony

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Our Mission: To Promote the Art of Live Stand-Up Comedy

Our primary goal at Long Island Comedy is to promote the art of live stand-up comedy.  We simply want to present the best comedy showcases anywhere.  In order to achieve this there are two important elements that we focus on:  the best venues and the best comic talent available.  It’s that simple.  We work hard at understanding who our audiences are so that we are able to deliver on both of these.  When you come out to enjoy one of our comedy showcases you’ll experience live stand-up comedy the way it was meant to be.

We are constantly seeking to find the next great comic talent.  While most of the comedians we work with are from the tri-state area, we actually work with comedians from around the country.  The truth of the matter is, in the world of comedy the talent base in the New York area is the highest anywhere.  That’s great news for comedy fans that come out to our showcases and want to experience both established comic talent and new, fresh, emerging comic talent as well.

                                                                                                                  ~ Paul Anthony

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